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Posted on: June 10, 2011 5:04 am
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Terrelle Pryor to the NFL

On Tuesday, Terrelle Pryor announced that he would forego his senior season at Ohio State and pursue a career in professional football. The announcement came just eight days after head coach Jim Tressel resigned due to his inability to report his knowledge of OSU players receiving improper benefits. With many new allegations surrounding Pryor following Tressel's resignation - including a report that the quarterback made up to $40,000 in exchange for signing memorabilia during 2009-2010 - it seems like the Jeannette native may be the main reason why "the Vest" will no longer be seen on the sidelines of Ohio Stadium.
Pryor was to be suspended the first five games of the upcoming college football season for accepting improper benefits. The recent allegations likely would have made him ineligible the rest of the year. Leaving was a no-brainer; especially considering the fact that the majority of his teammates who did not violate NCAA rules no longer desired him in the locker room.
As the Buckeyes' starter, Pryor had an impressive 31-4 record. Improving over his three years under center, Pryor became one of the nation's best quarterbacks. The 2010 Rose Bowl MVP had greatly improved as a pocket passer, enough so to at least draw the attention of NFL scouts. Going into his senior season, Pryor likely would have been the Heisman front-runner.
As he now looks for somewhere to play next year, Pryor remains focused on the NFL. However, he has apparently drawn the attention of a league across the border; the northern one. The Saskatchewan Roughriders have extended Pryor an offer to play for them next year in the CFL. Joining the three-time Grey Cup champions is an enticing thought, but not for the star quarterback of one of the nation's best teams.
Terrelle Pryor is accustomed to dominating Big Ten opponents in front of 100,000 + in Columbus. Now he's supposed to settle for a second-rate professional league? He may not be a surefire first-rounder. But, Pryor is easily worth a mid to late-round pick in North America's best football league. Sure, he's not the prototypical Peyton Manning, but he did win 31 of the 35 games he started; not to mention the fact that he played in one of the toughest conferences in the nation.
If there is a supplemental draft, Pryor will likely be taken in the later rounds. Whichever team drafts the former Buckeye will view him as a project. Although many believe Pryor will eventually find his niche as a Brad Smith-type wide receiver, why not give him a shot at quarterback? Are either Tim Tebow or Cam Newton really that much better under center than Pryor?
Of course, the NFL lockout makes the situation even more difficult for the former OSU superstar. With limited team workouts this offseason, a coach will be less willing to waste valuable reps on a "project" such as Terrelle Pryor. That being said, I still believe that Pryor will make an NFL roster this offseason.
CFL? UFL? No. Terrelle Pryor belongs in the National Football League.

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