Posted on: January 23, 2011 9:43 pm

"Man up, Cutler."

I think it’s nice that everyone gets to chime in with their 2 cents before really knowing all of the facts. I’m not a Bears or Cutler fan but if he wasn’t able to cut and plant on the knee, he would have basically been useless as a QB. I don’t know what exactly happened, but neither do any of these guys, any of the talking heads or any of the fans who are tearing into the guy right now. One thing that I do know is that both Kurtz and Urlacher are putting up a pretty staunch defense for him. Those guys are both pretty tough, and I wouldn’t expect them to be kicking up such a fuss if he just tanked the game for no reason. A lot of people might end up looking pretty silly when the actual facts come out.

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